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The Association of
Friends of Lincoln Cathedral
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The Association of Friends of Lincoln Cathedral

In 2011 the Association celebrated its seventy-fifth anniversary and was pleased to host its present First Friend, The Earl of Wessex, now HRH the Duke of Edinburgh, to dinner in the Chapter House.


The Association of Friends was launched in 1936 and the then Duke and Duchess of York consented to be the First Friends upon the Roll of Membership.​

The Association’s purpose remains as an organisation to bind together all who love the Cathedral Church and desire to play their part, however small, in preserving it for future generations, supporting its departments or adding to its adornment.


Much remains to be done and a warm and friendly welcome awaits all who wish to join us to ensure that we pass it on safely to future generations.

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Since the Association was founded there is scarcely any part of the Cathedral which has not benefited from the generosity of the Friends, from the cleaning of the south-west front to the ornamentation of St Hugh’s Shrine, from the heating system in the Chapter House to the lighting and heating in St Hugh’s Choir.

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